Photos Redneck Festival 2023

Online now!!

~ 2023 ~

This year Hillbilly Henk celebrated his birthday on Saturday 24 June 2023!! For the first time on a Saturday! Because Hillbilly Henk is going to celebrate his birthday every year until he dies, we thought this year is the right moment to launch our website So we can create more crowd, fun and store all memoires of the past on this page. We go for even more music, fun, craziness and beer.

We promised you the best edition of the Redneck Festival ever, and that was no lie!!

Check all the photos shot by Rina Herder!! Her perfect pictures gives you the amazing feeling of being on the festival again! All the craziness Hillbilly Henk does at his home home in Texas he took it with him in his trailer to celebrate it all with you!! Hillbilly Henk takes Moonshine for breakfast, and a pig for lunch. He catches more chickens than a cow can lay eggs. He has no limits!!!

Enjoy watching the photos and see you next year!!!

~ 2022 ~

Finally after two years of corona epidemics, the redneck festival could go on again. And Hillbilly Henk has experienced that, as if three editions have stopped in one evening, what a night! Hillbilly Henk can't remember much about this evening, that's a good sign. Fortunately, we still have the photos! Yihaaaaa!

~ 2021 ~

Hillbilly Henk has done his best to let his birthday go ahead, but unfortunately also in 2021 corona was just a little bit on the winning hand. Now Hillbilly Henk has saved up so much craziness that it must be a very bumpy ride next time. Fasten your seatbelts and see you next year!

~ 2020 ~

Despite the fact that Hillbilly Henk is immune to the corona violence, he did not pass the test street with his trailer. Corona ruined this edition of 2020, but Hillbilly Henk immediately promised to catch up!! Hell yeaahh!!

~ 2019 ~

~ 2018 ~

~ 2017 ~

~ 2016 ~

Magical!! We were blown away by the enthusiastic crowd! The bands played better than ever before, the atmosphere was phenomenal on its hillbilly's. This edition is one of our top three. Hillbilly Henk has been in a coma for three months from all moonshine. But he recovered and his trailer is ready for next year. Yihaaaaaaa! What a wild ride was this!!!!

~ 2015 ~

ohh yeaaaah!!! 2015 was a good year! Nice weather, beautiful women and another hot bath. The pig on the spit was introduced and there were more bands than many festivals have ever seen. More people and more waste like Hillbilly Henk has in his own garden. Hillbilly Henk's birthday was again very successful!

~ 2014 ~

The second year there was a bar with American decor, more Hillbilly stuff and more people. The feeling of being a rednecker grew and everyone came to the festival with their own pickup. This meadow was heaven for everyone, but this was even still the beginning....

~ 2013 ~

Just a few good friends, a hot tub built in an old car, a tent with bar, a BBQ and a good rock and roll band. That was the start of the first edition of the Redneck Festival in 2013. Spending the night throwing toilet seats in oil barrels and drinking more whiskey and beer then they have ever done. Somewhere in the middle of a meadow at a farmer in Barneveld, here the foundation was laid for what has grown into what no one dared to dream. Hillbilly Henk is still alive and kicking more then ever! Yihaaaaaa!!